Forward with Phonics has great resources

Literacy Tutor - Western Australia - January 2024

We very much enjoy using your resources.

Literacy Specialist - Read Easy UK - January 2024

Thank you Frances for creating and sharing these fabulous literacy resources. The Phonics for Older Learners books have become staple resources of my collection, something I've personally purchased and enthusiastically recommended to fellow educators and Speech Pathologists. Their seamless alignment with curriculum standards makes lesson planning effortless, and the positive engagement from students aged 5 to 15 speaks volumes. Highly recommended for any educator or Speech Pathologist – these resources are a must-have!

Speech Pathologist - South Australia - November 2023

Both books are perfect for the beginner students I plan to use them with. Thank you for making them available as PDFs.

Literacy Tutor - Western Australia - June 2023

Frances Woodward has been a trainer for Sounds-Write since 2005. Since that time, as she teaches Sounds-Write across a range of settings and age groups, she has proven herself to be a highly knowledgeable instructor and an excellent practitioner in her own right. Frances delivers the Sounds-Write training with great confidence, thoroughness and sensitivity to the needs of her trainees and I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a trainer.

John Walker
Co-founder of Sounds~Write  Ltd

Frances has provided invaluable support for our Sounds-Write trained staff. She updated their training and answered their queries. Frances also observed the delivery of the programme and offered staff some guidance and suggestions as to how they could change their lesson plans to maximise pupil engagement and progress. Her input has been superb and I will not hesitate to use her expertise in the future. She has raised the confidence of staff in delivering the Sounds-Write programme and this has impacted positively on pupil engagement, enjoyment of the learning and ultimately, their success. I highly recommend her services to you.

Lorraine Dougall
Alban Church of England Academy

When I was in education, the system let me down. They thought I wasn't interested in learning. They didn't care that I was dyslexic. They thought I couldn't learn. I've learnt to support myself but I've always wanted to read.
Learning phonics has put me in the right direction to be able to read. It's the basis of everything. I can write it as well as read it.
There's light at the end of the tunnel now. Going to Frances' class was the best thing I've ever done.

Michael, age 43

It is good doing phonics. We learn all the sounds and the different ways to spell them. It makes sense to me. I have learnt to read quicker than I thought I would.

Shayista, age 34

Over the years I have tried to learn to read. Since I started going to the class, the phonics has helped me a lot. I have learnt the sounds and my reading is coming along well. If it is a harder word, I break it down into smaller bits. I am now enjoying getting books out of the library.

Stan, age 78

Frances was masterful in explaining, demonstrating and assisting those in the workshop, to understand the concepts and skills on which Sounds-Write is based. The organisation and communication of principles and methods was exceptional! A hundred thanks to Frances Woodward!
Attendee on the Sounds-Write course, New York

I didn't think I could do this until I met you.
Hilda, age 36

I read at our Bible Meeting for the first time. Everyone clapped because they knew I couldn't read before.
Vidaya, age 61

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My name is Frances Woodward and I am the founder of Forward With Phonics.
I have specialised in the teaching of reading, using synthetic phonics, for the past twelve years and have had successful outcomes with all ages of learner, from five to seventy-five!
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