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Forward With Phonics aims to provide training, advice, support and resources for teachers of older children, adults and ESOL learners, who want to use phonics to help improve literacy skills.


A comprehensive training in synthetic phonics is provided in the 4-day Certificated Sounds-Write course. For more information about the programme go to www.sounds-write.co.uk

We provide taster sessions and workshops which explain the concept of synthetic phonics in a fun and practical way. The sessions can be adapted to suit the target audience, be it childcare workers in playgroups and nurseries or adult education providers in Job Centres or Prisons.

Forward with Phonics provides individual tuition on request from schools and private tuition for children and adults.


There are many phonics resources available for use with young children. Forward with Phonics aims to provide a variety of resources suitable for teenagers and adults.


Forward with Phonics has great resources

Literacy Tutor - Western Australia - January 2024

We very much enjoy using your resources.

Literacy Specialist - Read Easy UK - January 2024

Frances Woodward has been a trainer for Sounds-Write since 2005. Since that time, as she teaches Sounds-Write across a range of settings and age groups... read more
John Walker
Co-founder of Sounds-Write Ltd

Frances has provided invaluable support for our Sounds-Write trained staff. I highly recommend her services to you... read more
Lorraine Dougall
Headteacher (Alban Church of England Academy)

Learning phonics has put me in the right direction to be able to read. It's the basis of everything ...Going to Frances' class was the best thing I've ever done.. read more.
Michael, age 43

It is good doing phonics... It makes sense to me. I have learnt to read quicker than I thought I would... read more
Shayista, age 34

Over the years I have tried to learn to read. Since I started going to the class, the phonics has helped me a lot... read more
Stan, age 78

Frances was masterful in explaining, demonstrating and assisting those in the workshop... read more
Attendee on the Sounds-Write course, New York

I didn't think I could do this until I met you.
Hilda, age 36

I read at our Bible Meeting for the first time. Everyone clapped because they knew I couldn't read before.
Vidaya, age 61

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